Kokias daržoves auginti jūsų šiltnamyje?

Pateikiame jums nuostabų straipsnį apie daržoves. Kokios jos turėtų būti, kaip jos turėtų būti auginamos jūsų šiltnamiuose, bei kaip jas prižiūrėti. Šiltnamiai – tai vienas iš pagrindinių būdų mūsų klimato sąlygomis išsiauginti daržoves, kurios būtų skanios ir su maistingaisiais elementais. Taigi skaitykite daugiau apie tai.

Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kale are some of the healthiest vegetables you can grow. The health benefits are almost too numerous to mention, but they can help prevent cancer in more than one way, and they can even help fight cancer, literally. Regular readers will know I’m a fan of science, so this isn’t just holistic hearsay, there are actual peer reviewed studies showing these effects. They contain antioxidants, which can help prevent cancer by removing oxidative stress on our cells. They also contain relatively unique compounds that help our cells detoxify, thus removing potential carcinogens from our body. Then there is another compound that can literally cause cancer cells to kill themselves. They’re also good for preventing inflammation, and can lower your cholesterol. Cruciferous vegetables are superfoods, some more than others, kale would seem to be more than others.

But this isn’t a health blog, it is a gardening blog, so lets talk about gardening.

…More at Why you should grow Kale

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Rožės jūsų šiltnamyje ar darže.

Šis straipsnis pasakoja, apie rožes ir jų auginimą šiltnamiuose ar papraščiausiai jūsų darže. Kur įsigyti šiltnamį, galite sužinoti paspaudę šią nuorodą: Šiltnamiai

For many many years roses were hybridized for fragrance, or hybridized for color, or for size. Things like hardiness and disease resistance were not as much of a concern. It is only recently that gardeners in general started worrying more about these more functional attributes. The “Knock Out” brand of rose is one such newer line that professes to be hardy and disease resistant.

I’ve been hearing about these for years, but never bought one. Then I got an offer from Brighter Blooms for a free plant (one of the benefits of being a garden blogger, you get swag). In particular they had a rose tree, and that really appealed to me.

A standard form plant is one in which a bush or weeping style plant has been either pruned, or more likely grafted, onto a standard (a trunk). Almost all weeping cherry trees sold are in fact standard form grafts, where a normal cherry is grown to the desired height, a weeping bud is grafted on, and then once it is established any regular cherry growth is pruned off.

So a rose tree isn’t a rose that genetically grows like a tree, it is just a rose shrub of one type of rose that has been grafted onto a strong trunk-like cane of another rose.

In anycase, to me the benefit of a standard form rose tree, was that it was easy to find room for it. I stuck it between two very large hardy hibiscus plants. The standard form provides height which provides separation. Had it been a normal shrub rose it would have been crowded by the hibiscus, it would have needed more room. In fact, if it had been a normal shrub, I would not have had room in my garden for it, anywhere. I’m really low on space, but the standard form allowed me to sneak it in there.

rose tree

So I was all set to turn Brighter Blooms down, thinking I didn’t have any room, but then I saw the rose tree and thought “I could use one of those, and I’ll finally get a chance to checkout if “Knock Outs” are really all they are said to be. So I asked them for one, and a couple weeks later it arrived….More at Knockout Rose Tree

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